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Previous Events:
THAT ART EXHIBITS, EARN Conference, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, October 2016

“The Academy Strikes back”, Conference, Sint-Lukas Brussels, June 2010,
A cooperation with the Utrecht Graduate School of Art and Design – MaHKU: This conference was the third part of a trilogy which started in 2008 in Amsterdam with the symposium “A Certain Ma Ness”, whereupon in 2009, a partly closed expert meeting “Becoming Bologna” followed as a collateral event in the context of the Venice Biennial. The theme of the conference is the academization of the graduate art schools in the Bologna era and the impact of it on contemporary art practice and the art scene. Keynote speakers: Renée Green, Irit Rogoff, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Dieter Lesage.

Contact Person:
Baart Geerts, Vice Dean International Office & LUCA Art Office,



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