About Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design
The point of departure for MaHKU’s research department is the creation of a form of visual art which produces environments enabling the exploration of novel forms of knowledge and experience in contemporary visual culture. These novel forms of knowledge and experience imply particularly a modification with respect to a conceptual framework merely based in medium and discipline. At MaHKU, however, research keywords are transdisciplinarity and transmediality.

MaHKU’s transmedial research intends to contribute to a professional practice of the artist as researcher by means of an elastic, conceptual framework, flexible research methods, and a form of discourse production which is able to scan and transform topical forms of visuality in an experimental-methodological and critical reflexive way. In that context, the Graduate School has established a professorship Artistic Research which stresses not only the specificity of artistic research, but also the position of (PhD) research within the curriculum of (graduate) art education will be evaluated.

Panel discussion at DARE#1 the first of the annual Dutch Art Research Events  First in the MaHKUscript publication series, Mika Hannula's book on art research and public space

Projects and Activities at MaHKU
MaHKUscript, Journal of Fine Art Research

Contact Person:
Prof. Henk Slager, Dean (Professor of Artistic Research), henk.slager@hku.nl



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