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Contact Person(s): Prof. Angela Vettese, Professor of Theory and Criticism of Contemporary Art, Director MA Visual Arts.
Dorsorduro 2206
Convento delle Terese
30123 Venezia
Tel +39 041 257 1323 / Fax +39 041 257 1326
Email design.arti(at)

About the Faculty of Arts and Design at Università Iuav di Venezia

The Faculty of Arts and Design was founded in 2001 as an university academic programme based on education and research, a unique model in Italy. The faculty offers programmes in industrial design, visual and multimedia design and communication, the visual arts, and theatre. The Graduate programme in Visual Arts of the Faculty of Arts and Design aims at combining the theoretical and practical aspects of art. Workshops with internationally famous artists are joined by theory courses taught by important lecturers, so as to give students a varied approach to the visual arts. Students enjoy freedom of choice and variation, and avoid the excessive influence of just one maestro. Exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications place students in direct contact with leading figures in the contemporary art fields, which helps them to present their own work outside the university environment. The goal of the graduate programme is to educate young artists and students in the field of artistic-cultural production, to help them manage projects autonomously, and to create works that use different techniques of expression, all with creative freedom and mature critical awareness.

People at IUAV

Participating in EARN activities
Medardo Chiapponi, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design
Giulio Alessandri, Professor of Exhibition Design and Architectural Interior, FDA
Mara Ambrozic, Interactive Didactic Activities, FDA

Projects and Activities

Festival of Contemporary Art, Faenza

The third edition of the festival in Faenza, entitled OPERE/works, aims to focus on works of art, at the centre of the debate and the relationship that viewers have with contemporary art.

Common Ground: Projects for the Lagoon
Projects by Marjetica Potrc , Marguerite Kahrl, and the students of the Degree in Visual Arts / IUAV University of Venice Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation.
The exhibition Common Ground: Projects for the Lagoon is presenting new works by Marjetica Potrc and Marguerite Kahrl and the works of the students who took part in the workshop ‘Sustainable Venice’, led at the Faculty of Arts and Design, IUAV by Marjetica Potrc (Jan.-Apr.) 2010. The working group reached across disciplines between art and architecture to imagine the future of Venetian lagoon as a sustainable environment, constructing a functioning rainwater harvesting system at a farm on Sant’Erasmo Island.

ATELIER Program, Foundation Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice

Palazzo Carminati, along with the prestigious Complex of St.s Cosma & Damiano on the Giudecca island, plays a central role as a creative environment thanks to the current presence of the artists’ studios. Every year the Foundation holds a contest to allocate its 12 art studios to artists under 35, seven in Palazzo Carminati and five in the Giudecca venue as their own personal ateliers. Over the last years, a number of activities have been promoted with the aim of underlining how the studios are not only places of production, but also an opportunity for developing art research after the academic education, to exchange and further improve knowledge and skills as well as contacts and relations.


Images: Faculty of Arts and Design, Magazzino 7 (ex Magazzini Ligabue), Venice
The Magazzino 7 is just a short walk from the Terese complex. Originally a port warehouse, it has recently been restored to house studios and workshops for courses in graphic and multimedia design, photography, set-design and body expression. Work studios for graduate students are also located here.

Faculty of Arts and Design, Terese, Venice
The Terese is the main premises of the faculty of arts and design. Previously a convent, it was built in the mid-17th century and restored a few years ago. The facilities at the Terese include the faculty’s main administration offices, the department for arts and industrial design (dADI), classrooms, computer facilities, study areas and seminar rooms. The theatre workshop is housed in the convent’s church.

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