Researcher led Workshops – ‘The Academy Strikes Back’ 2010

May 1st, 201011:26 pm @

logo of the academy strikes back

As a prequel to the conference ‘The Academy Strikes Back’ the Sint-Lukas Transmedia programme collaborated in three workshops, led by doctoral researchers Clodagh Emoe (GradCAM), Paul Landon (KUVA) and Jeremiah Day (MaHKU). During the conference the doctoral resaerchers presented reports on how their workshops operated and on the relationship between their own research and the workshop formats and themse. Material from the workshops was also included in a visual presentation at the Sint-Lukas Gallery (in its brand new space in Paleizenstraat 70.)

Participants included:

Milena Galli
Nemanja Ladjic
Gunther Truijen
Stéfan Piat
Filip Daniels
Maud Lefever
Wouter Huis
Sven Goyvaerts