Communication WG6

This working group provides the cross-connectivity between the various working groups within EARN. The contact person for each working group participates in this group. The group ensures the continuity of the wider network and plans both internal and external communications.

Members of the working group include:
Henk Slager (HKU, Utrecht) Contact for WG6 & WG5
Denise Ziegler (Academy of Fine Arts/KUVA, Uniarts Helsinki) Contact for WG7
Azadeh Fatehrad (KUL/The Warburg Institute London) Contact for WG4
Dieter De Vlieghere (LUCA School of Arts) Contact for WG3
Dr Onya McCausland (Slade/UCL) Contact for WG2
Mick Wilson (Hdk-Valand, University of Gothenburg) Contact for WG1

Upcoming activities
This group will oversee the re-development of the EARN website in 2022.

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