“Bodies” WG2

Formerly “Sustainability”

The working group—Sustainability and Attunement— is being re-constructed during the Spring 2024 Semester under the heading of “Bodies”.  We will post a new brief for the working group and a call for participation in March 2024. The goal is to address the space of multiple ecologies as before, with reference to a paradigm of “bodies” – social bodies, bodies of water, more-than-human bodies…

Previous working brief.

The group was previously focused on developing artistic research practices and activities that built on principles of sustainability supporting social, racial and environmental justice. A key question was how theories and practices of sound and aurality can be used as a to de-stabilise occidental canons and connected discourses. … to explore how a model of attunement can be used to situate differing modes of thought, languages and disciplines. Attunement refers to the bringing into accord, resonance, of different, but related objects or events. It names that aspect of attention that refers to how the human subject and perceptual object touch.

The aim of the group was to foreground socially responsible, ecological imperatives through artistic practices that seek to develop a shared dialogue on a wide range of issues from decolonising institutional forms and rethinking established formats of conferencing, exhibiting and producing. Using sustainability and attunement as core foundations, the members sought to address the rift between academia and the wider social context.

The goal was to explore the opportunities and contradictions of interdisciplinary practice-led research in relationship to attunement and intermedial ‘practices’, while also creating a platform for other kinds of tuning with/in the University.

The group was active 2020 to 2023 and the revision of the group was decided at teh DEARN meeting in Gothenburg in October 2023.

The team working on the formation of “Bodies” March 2024 comprises:

Hanna Husberg (Stockholms konstnärliga högskola I Stockholm University of the Arts)

Rebecca Hilton (Stockholms konstnärliga högskola I Stockholm University of the Arts)

 Mick Wilson (Hdk-Valand, Univ. of Gothenburg.)  contact if you are interested in participating in start up meeting Spring 2024.

Members of the former working group included:
Dr. Onya McCausland (Slade/UCL)
Prof. Sharon Morris (Slade/UCL)
Dr. Sam Belinfante (School of Fine Art, History of Art, Univ. of Leeds)
Prof. Chris Taylor (School of Fine Art, History of Art, Univ. of Leeds)

Previous activities:
Cross institutional workshop with PGR students  (30/11/2021)
Planning workshops (Spring 2022)

Presentaton by PGR students from Univ. of Leeds and Slade, UCL at EARN Gathering in Helsinki, 2022.

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