Methodology WG1

The Methodology working group has introduced its initial focus through a workshop as part of The Postresearch Condition (2021) on “Rethinking the Concept of Prototype – Demonstrating Artistic Research” (20/01/2021).

“Continuous Prototype” is a metaphor, a construction – through which it is possible to examine both artistic work and research practice. The continuous prototype demonstrates the current state of a work (or text) in progress and/or indicates the development the work might take. As this prototype has non-chronological and/or non-stable features, it aims at continuously disassembling itself and constructing new prototypes instead of elaborating on existing ones.

Members of the working group include:
Tero Heikkinen UniArts Helsinki
Petri Kaverma UniArts Helsinki
Denise Ziegler UniArts Helsinki
Mika ELo UniArts Helsinki

More information shortly – under construction

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