Methodology WG1

The methodology working group considers the different ways in which method discourses and practical operations interact to co-produce situated enquiries. The basic premise of our work is that there are genealogies of method discourse other than the Cartesian (and Diltheyan), and that method talk can have utility without producing claims for universality nor proposing familiar dichotomies of subject/object – theory/practice – means/ends – reason/unreason etc.

Members of the working group include:
Prof. Mick Wilson (Hdk-Valand, Univ. of Gothenburg) WG1 Contact
Dr. Maddie Leach (Hdk-Valand, Univ. of Gothenburg)
Martin McCabe (School of Media, TU Dublin)

Upcoming activities
Reading group doing a close reading of Denise Ferreira da Silva’s (2007) Toward A Global Idea of Race (2007). The group meets typically on evenings of the second Monday of the month, and comprises researchers from several differnet PhD programmes including Gothenburg, Stockholm, Dublin, Lille, and Antwerp. Ongoing since February 2021.
See reading group page here.
To generate an epublication “Handbook on Research Methods, with and without Tears” for use in doctoral education across artistic and humanistic studies with a particular focus on different modalities of practice as enquiry, mediating between debates on practice-led, practice-based, and artistic research (Autumn 2023.)

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