EARN Meetings Autumn 2023

September 20th, 202312:10 pm @

EARN – the Expanded Artistic Research Network – is pleased to announce its public programme for Autumn 2023 comprising a series of open public meetings in Gothenburg and Coventry. Over the last two decades, EARN has played a key role in developing the debate on artistic research. EARN has always addressed itself to the zones of encounter and invention that exist between the academy and the art system, without seeking to privilege the protocols of either of these different institutional domains. The public programme events coincide with working meetings of the different research groupings within EARN. These events draw upon the interchange between different institutional settings and emergent research agendas.

sensing dissensus” University of Gothenburg, (25-26/10/2023)

the question of funding” University of Gothenburg,(26/10/2023)

ecologies of dissemination” University of Gothenburg,(25/10/2023)

phd & method questions-teaching workshop University of Gothenburg, (25/10/2023)

EARN curatorial studies working meeting, Coventry University (8-11/11/2023),