Space + Practice WG7

This working group develops artistic research activities and new forms of exchange outside of the seminar room. We focus on addressing the multiplicity of spaces and the ecology of spatial practices that these suggest. We approach space through a variety of physical, conceptual, imaginary, discursive, ephemeral (etc.) phenomena, each of which entails specificities, but which are also potentially tangentially related to each other. We develop methods of imparting the ways in which different spaces structure and format the taking place of things, gestures and events.

Members of the working group include:
Denise Ziegler (Academy of Fine Arts/KUVA, Uniarts Helsinki) Contact for WG7
Mika Elo (Academy of Fine Arts/KUVA, Uniarts Helsinki)
Tero Heikkinen (Taiteellisen tutkimuksen tk CfAR, Uniarts Helsinki)
Tuija Kokkonen (Theatre Academy/Uniarts Helsinki)
Maiju Loukola (Academy of Fine Arts/KUVA, Uniarts Helsinki)
Antti Nyyssölä (Academy of Fine Arts/KUVA, Uniarts Helsinki)
Sharon Morris (Slade/UCL)

Henk Slager (HKU, Utrecht)

Kristen Kreider (Slade/UCL)

Markoeke van der (Vlugt HKU Utrecht) 

Upcoming activities:
Preparatory meetings for leading to a contribution to “Making Artistic Research Public” the plenary EARN conference in Helsinki (27-28/10/ 2022).

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