This page contains information about EARN activities and events including seminars, symposia, conferences, exhibitions, collaborative research projects and the European winter schools programme.

As The Academy Turns, Murcia, December 2010
As The Academy Turns, EARN@Manifesta 8, Murcia, December, 2010

Upcoming Events

EARN will post its programme for 2011 in early Spring.

Previous Events

As The Academy Turns, Winter School @ Manifesta 8, InfoLab, & Network Meeting, Murcia [2-6/12/2010]

Tables of Thought, Exhibition, Conference, & Network Meeting, Helsinki [28-29/04/2010]
The Academy Strikes Back, Exhibitions, Conference, & Network Meeting, Brussels [4-5/06/2010]

Critique of Archival Reason, Exhibition, Dublin [18/2-6/3/2010]
Re : Public, Exhibition, Dublin [4/2-19/3/2010]
Art Research: Publics and Purposes, Conference, Dublin [15-19/02/2010]
Epistemic Encounters, MaHKU Consortium, Expert Meeting, Utrecht [11/12/2009]
Becoming Bologna, Conference, Venice [06+07/06/2009]
Public Seminar, Vienna [23/01/2009]
Nameless Science, Conference, New York [12/12/2008]
Nameless Science, Exhibition, New York [10/12/2008-31/01/2009]
State of Play Conference, Dublin [08+09/05/2008]
A Certain MA-ness Conference, Amsterdam [07+08/03/2008]
A Certain MA-ness Exhibition, Amsterdam [08-30/03/2008]

Network Meetings

Network Meetings entail participation by the majority of network partners.
Working Group meetings typically entail representatives from three or more of the partner institutions.

Network Meeting, Dublin [19/02/2010]
Working Group Meeting, Utrecht [12/12/2009]
Working Group Meeting, Dublin [12+13/11/2009]
Working Group Meeting, Gothenburg [9/10/2009]
Network Meeting, Venice [06+07/06/2009]
Network Meeting, Vienna [23/01/2009]
Working Group Meeting New York [12/12/2008]
Network Meeting, Dublin [09/05/2008]
Working Group Meeting, Amsterdam [07+08/03/2008]
Network Meeting, Slade UCL, London [12/10/2007]
Network Meeting, Dublin [08+09/02/2007]
Network Meeting Public Doctoral Presentations Malmo [16/09/2006]
Network Meeting Slade UCL London [04+05/11/2005]
Network Meeting Free University Brussels [10/09/2005]
Network Meeting HISK Antwerp [09/09/2005]
Network Meeting Kuva Helsinki [/2004]

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