Curatorial Studies WG5

The Curatorial Studies Workshop is a working group of researchers, educators and practitioners coming together to exchange and dialogue on aspects of curating and the curatorial in order to develop a wider collaborative international and inter-institutional research environment. This is done through shared events and joint outputs, providing a context for both doctoral and senior researchers to develop their work in an international milieu of critical-friends.

The format of a “studies workshop” is adopted to place equal emphasis on engaging with existing knowledge-practice while collaboratively seeking to build new insights through the tangles of discussion and practice, of production, exhibition, commission, publication …

Members of the working group include:

Upcoming activities

The group will hold an in person meeting and workshop hosted by Coventry University in 7-10 November 2023. Some members of the group will participate in the plenary EARN gathering in Gothenburg October 2023.

Previous activities

Some members of the group published a book on the relay of exhibition-making into virtual and online spaces, following up on issues addressed “expo-facto: into the algorithm of exhibition?”. (Oct 2022)

The group hosted a symposium “In Different Places: Imagining the Biennial Form” (8 June 2022) and an online curatorial research workshop (8-10 June 2022) at HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg. More information here: June 2022 Meeting

Within the 2021 Postresearch Condition, this group convened a panel discussion–under the heading “expo-facto: into the algorithm of exhibition?”–on the question of the relays between exhibition protocols and the culture of digital networks, and the specific question of online exhibition mediations, extensions, alternates and substitutions. The panel was proposed as a forum through which to formulate the preliminary terms for an enquiry into the conditions, affordances and horizons of artistic operations and labour that are emergent in the transfer and relay of exhibitionary protocols online. This was conceived as a very tentative and modest first step in response to what seems to be (i.e., not necessarily to be taken at face value) a global institutional convergence. This development might be seen as similar in ways to the pervasive distribution of the white cube as a primary exhibition paradigm, though seeming to occur at a much more accelerated rate.

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