Here are some links to resources and materials that will be of interest to all those working in the domain of artistic research. Many of these resources are produced directly by members of the network.


Becoming Bologna / Venice Biennale, Poster Exhibition 2008


Proceedings from EARN events

Becoming Bologna, MaHKUzine #8, Winter 2010
Nameless Science, MaHKUzine #7, Summer 2009
Arts Research: The State of Play, Art&Research, Volume 2, No. 2, Spring 2009
A Certain MA-ness, MaHKUzine #5, Summer 2008


Essays and Publications by EARN Members and Associates

Art in the Knowledge-based Polis, Tom Holert, e-flux #3, February 2009
An Artist’s Text Book, Jan Svenungsson, KUVA
The Artist’s Knowledge 1, KUVA, edited by Jan Kaila
The Artist’s Knowledge 2, KUVA, edited by Jan Kaila
Artistic Research, Lier & Boog Series 18, co-edited by Henk Slager and Annette W. Balkema (Amsterdam/New York: Lier & Boog, 2004)
ArtMonitor, A Journal on Artistic Research from the University of Gothenburg


Publications of Interest

The Academy is Back: On Education, the Bologna Process, and the Doctorate in the Arts, Dieter Lesage, e-flux #4, March 2009


“Artist as Citizen” Materials

The “Artist as Citizen” Policy Grouping through its EC-EACEA co-funded work programme in 2009-2010 generated a body of enquiry into art, research and the public sphere. This page contains links to some of the materials generated through the work of this group in 2009-2010.

Conference Brochures / Programmes / Webpages:
Conference Programme Arts Research: Publics and Purposes, February 2010, Dublin, Ireland
Conference Web Page Arts Research: Publics and Purposes, February 2010, Dublin, Ireland
Conference Schedule Tables of Thought, April 2010, Helsinki, Finland
Conference Abstracts Tables of Thought, April 2010, Helsinki, Finland
Conference Web Page The Academy Strikes Back, June 2010, Brussels, Belgium

Discussion Papers:
Henk Slager (2010), “Critique of Archival Reason: Curator’s Introduction”, RHA Gallery Exhibition Guide, Ireland
Renee Green (2010), “Hail The Invisible: Reason’s Sense of Humor”, MaHKUzine 9, Netherlands
Dieter Lesage (2010), “On Supplementality”, MaHKUzine 9, Netherlands
Irit Rogoff (2010), “Practicing Research: Singularising Knowledge”, MaHKUzine 9, Netherlands
Tim Stott (2010), “Research Report: ‘Critique of Archival Reason”, MaHKUzine 9, Netherlands
Mick Wilson (2010), “Cultural Research for New Urbanisms”, Derive, Austria

Re : Public Exhibition Seminar Materials:
Daniel Jewesbury / Mick Wilson (2010), “Re : Public-ation 00: Exhibition Programme”, Ireland
Dead Public Seminar Group (2010), “Re : Public-ation 01: Dead Public”, Ireland
Event Seminar Group (2010), “Re : Public-ation 03: Love in Public”, Ireland
Praxis Seminar Group (2010), “Re : Public-ation 05: Reading as Intervention”, Ireland
Neil Gray and Leigh French (2010), “Re : Public-ation 06: The harnessing of creativity for urban growth agendas… or, doing differently.” Ireland

Publicity Materials:
e-Flux announcements:
Art Research: Publics and Purposes, Critique of Archival Reason, Re : Public, January 28, 2010
Tables of Thought, April 11, 2010
The Academy Strikes Back, May 18, 2010

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