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Publication, Workshop and Symposium


In December 2011, dOCUMENTA (13) and EARN (European Artistic Research Network) started preparatory talks in Kassel about how a collaborative project could be developed. The talks made clear that the casualness of how the notion of research is used today also causes the usual confusion of concepts. Is research merely conducted within institutional environments or does it have a broader – connotative – range? What does it mean for the self-awareness of artists to understand and present their practice as research-based? And last but not least, does the concept of research lead to an expansion of artistic practices of does it merely limit them?

In order to arrive at an evaluation of the concept of research, the teams chose two institutional perspectives: the perspective of artists who organize “activated” research projects for dOCUMENTA (13) and the perspective of artists who are engaged in a PhD in Fine Art within the various academic environments of the art school – specifically at institutions participating in the EARN network. As an introduction to the research workshops and the Doing Research symposium, an inquiry was set up that thirteen “activated research” organizers and thirteen PhD artists responded to.


The edited results of the inquiry were published in the series Writings from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Contributions by: Ana Prvacki, Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri, Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir, Chiara Fumai, Claire Pentecost, Clodagh Emoe, Dora Garcia, Elske Rosenfeld/Giulia Cilla/Ingrid Cogne, Glen Loughran, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Jeremiah Day, Julie Ault, Laura Malacart, Lisa Tan, Lonnie van Brummelen and Siebren de Haan, Matthew Buckingham, Michael Portnoy, Paul Ryan, Pedro Reyes, Robin Kahn, Sam Belinfante, Terike Haapoja, Theaser Gates and Tue Greenfort. Editors: Jan Kaila and Henk Slager. Final Editor: Annette W. Balkema.

Download Publication Doing Research, Writings, published by the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, No. 3.

Workshop: September 6-7

During the two days of the workshops, doctoral researchers from various institutions will present and discuss their current projects in the context of the mentioned questions and publication.  Presentations by: Aislinn White, Annette Krauss, Beatrice Jarvis, Claire Hope, Dave Loder, Eirini Boukla, Eleanor Morgan, Elke Marhöfer, Errol Francis, Fiona Curran, Georgina Jackson, Giovanni Giaretta, Henna Halonen, Jem Noble, Johan Thom, Kai Syng Tan, Kay Tabernacle, Laura Kuch, Lisa Tan, Martino Genchi, Michael Delacruz, Ming-Han Hsu, Rana Öztürk and Tim Long.

For schedule of workshops go here.

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Location: Park Schönfeld Academy, Frankfurter Strasse 167, 34121 Kassel.

Time: 6, 10-21 and 7 September, 9-19

Symposium: September 8

Morning programme (organized by d13): 10-13

Artistic Research or How to Disorganize the Relations between the Disciplines That Deal With Art. Presentations by Mai Abu ElDahab, Luca Cerizza, Chus Martínez, Simon Sheikh and Jan Verwoert.

Afternoon programme (organized by EARN): 14-20

Introductions: Jan Kaila, Henk Slager.

Research statements: Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri, Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir, Chiara Fumai, Claire Pentecost, Clodagh Emoe, Elske Rosenfeld/Giulia Cilla/Ingrid Cogne, Hongjohn Lin, Jeremiah Day, Laura Malacart, Sam Belinfante and Terike Haapoja.

Concluding Panel Discussion with Mick Wilson, Gertrud Sandqvist, Simon Sheikh, Chus Martinez and Jan Verwoert.

Book Presentation: Art as a Thinking Process (eds. Mara Ambrozic, Angela Vettese, Sternberg Press, 2012).

Go here for the detailed schedule.

Location: Ständehaus, Ständeplatz 6-10, 34117 Kassel.

EARN (European Artistic Research Network) is a network that brings together ten Graduate Schools: GradCAM (Dublin), CePRA (Leeds), Slade School of Art (London), MaHKU (Utrecht), Sint-Lukas (Brussels), Gothenburg University, IUAV (Venice), Malmo Art Academy, Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna) and Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (Helsinki).