Call for contributions – PARSE Conference “TIME” (Nov 5-6, 2015)

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The 1st PARSE Biennial Research Conference on TIME

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS – Panels, Papers, Performances, Screenings, and Workshops.

The first biennial PARSE conference at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (5th and 6thNovember 2015) takes as its point of departure the question of TIME.
Time arguably has always been at the center of the research initiatives of the natural sciences, of philosophy and of the many different practices of history and social criticism. However, time also occupies a central place for the curiosity and attention of artist researchers across all the arts. The intensification of the question of time has, in recent years, prompted some to speak of a “temporal turn” across the disciplines. This conference seeks to bring together a range of researchers, drawn mainlyfrom the artistic fields but also inviting researchers from across all disciplines to consider questions with respect to the practices, processes and perturbations of time.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
constructions of contemporaneity; time and the aesthetic; time and affect; gendered time; queer times; chronophobia, chronopolitics; chronotopes; durational practices; public time; network time; the time of the gift; globalization, instantaneity and temporal collapse; the nostalgia of capital; the time thinking of sustainability; temporal imaginaries and ecological practices; the time of the political; labour time and forms of life; the time of the poem; afternarrative time; empire time; revolutionary time; dead-time; end-time; out-of-time; behind-the-times; and again next time

Contributions are invited in the form of papers, presentations, artistic interventions, readings, panels, performances, public actions, screenings and workshops.

We are especially interested in contributions that critically reflect upon, and/or in someway work to modifythe familiar conventions of the academic paper, the panel discussion andthe artist’s talk.


The deadline for proposals is 1st March 2015, however, we are accepting proposals for peer review from July 1st 2014, and we recommend early submission.

Proposals should be sent to parse(at)
Please include:

(i) an abstract / summary description of the proposed contribution (300 words)
(ii) a recent CV of participant(s)
(iii) an indication of technical or other requirements for the contribution / presentation.

NOTE: For performances, screenings or workshop events it is especially important to have a clear sense of any technical or spatial requirements.

Time frames for Papers, Readings, Panels are 20 or 40 min.

For Artistic interventions, Performances, Public actions and Screenings, please indicate time frame suggestion.

Proposals will be peer-reviewed by a peer review panel that includes The PARSE Advisory & Journal Editorial Boards, and the PARSE Working Group.

Each proposal will be reviewed by three members drawn from the panel with reference to:

(i) relevance to the overarching thematics of TIME

(ii) potential in developing a dialogue across the disciplines

(iii) originality of contribution


All contributions will be recorded for archive purposes.


A selection of contributions will be further developed in consultation with, and by permission of, the authors for publication through the PARSE Journal.