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Contact Person(s): Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick

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About Research at GradCAM

We operate with researchers by working through a series of questions:
(i) what are you trying to find out?
(ii) why is it worth knowing?
(iii) how do you go about finding out?
(iv) how will you know when you have finished?
These questions are used as an initial structure for shaping an enquiry. We recognise the need to re-work these questions and move beyond them in the process of a live creative research process. However, we advise our researchers to attend carefully to these questions at each key phase of their doctoral studies.

We are committed to a peer-community ethos that fosters dialogue and critical agency.

People at GradCAM

Participants in EARN
Martin McCabe, DIT Fellow, GradCAM

Some Doctoral Researchers participating in EARN
Glenn Loughran (artist)
Clodagh Emoe (artist)
Tim Stott (art critic)
Georgina Jackson (curator)

Projects and Activities at GradCAM

“Curating and the Educational Turn”
Developed by GradCAM in association with Open Editions London, and De Appel, Amsterdam, the new volume Curating and the Educational Turn (Paul O’Neill and Mick Wilson, eds.), will be launched at a series of discursive events in Europe and America, including De Appel/Free University Amsterdam on 31/3/2010 and at the Conference: Deschooling Society in London 29&30/4/2010

“Artist As Citizen: European Publics and the European City”
EC-EAC (European Commission Education, AudioVisual & Culture Executive Agency) Strand 2 – lead partner. This project will showcase, examine and compare methods and approaches of artists and cultural theorists working in Europe, on questions concerning art in public involving artists, curators and now a professional network of partners through the European Arts Research Network (EARN). This is a mobility project on aspects of artistic research and the public sphere. Events include The Academy Strikes Back, Tables of Thought, Art Research: Publics and Purposes. Exhibitions include Tables of Thought, (curated by Jan Kaila and Henk Slager) Critique of Archival Reason (curated by Henk Slager) and Re : Public (curated by Daniel Jewesbury).

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