The University of Gothenburg is the only Swedish university with practice-based research spanning the arts from design, visual art, film and photography to craft, literary composition, curatorial practices and art education. The research portfolio of HDK-Valand, Academy of Art and Design has been shaped by a collaborative ethos – collaboration across disciplines, across fields of practice, and across institutional/extra-institutional alliances – from which several strong research streams have emerged. These include:
(i) queer practices– includes work on queer politics and culture;
(ii) artistic practices and political imaginaries – includes work on artist-led culture, curating, the curatorial, public-ness, forms of activism, critical intervention and archival practice;
(iii) experimental poetics – includes work on poetics, narrativity, ekphrasis, rhetorical and dialogical practices; and
(iv) art and the environment – includes, environmental photography and art and ecology, and the interface of artistic practices and other modes of practice in work on representation and documentation of climate change and environmental issues.

There are cross-connecting questions that are threaded across our research strands. These include:
(i) What is the specificity of artistic educational and research praxis?
(ii) What are the political potentials and demands within contemporary artistic educational and research praxis?
(iii) What are the requirements of critical artistic educational and research praxis within profoundly segregated and inequitable societies?

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HDK-Valand also hosts the Managing Editor of L’Internationale Online and is an active driver of the PARSE Platform for Artistic Research Sweden.

About HDK-Valand
Based in the centre of the beautiful port city of Gothenburg, HDK-Valand is closely integrated into the city’s cultural life – including collaborations with Röhsska Museum of Design and Crafts, Göteborgs Konsthall, Hasselblad Centre, Röda Sten, Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA), Literature House, and many other public arts agencies.

We are extensively networked internationally with partners all over the world and a history of providing courses in diverse geopolitical sites including collaborative courses in Europe, Russia, Central Asia and South East Asia.

The academy’s professors were the first in Sweden to introduce the doctorate through arts practices, and have been working with doctorate education for more than a decade. The Academy hosts a lively research community, including several prestigious nationally funded research projects in the areas of artist-led culture, social practice, queer cinema, contemporary poetry, and photographic archives/ imaging practices in environmental and climate science.

The Academy is an active partner in the PARSE research platform, in EARN, SHARE, ELIA and several other international networks. The academy is characterized by small class sizes and highly competitive recruitment.

The emphasis is on a peer educational environment. Our pedagogical approach is based on co-production: This means that knowledge and practice are developed within a community of learners and researchers comprising students and professors operating in an intense and sustained dialogue with each other.

Our students come from different countries, cultural heritages and perspectives and we actively encourage cross-cultural dialogue. We are also concerned to ensure that our programme reflects the diversity of perspective, politic and representation of the contemporary world. The student body is an active participant in the planning and development of the academy’s education, research and collaboration with the wider world.

Valand Academy: Artistic Practice in Film, Photography, Fine Art and Literature at the University of Gothenburg.

Key Personnel:

Prefekt / Head of Academy, Dr. Troels Degn Johansson

Vice-Prefekt / Head of Research, Prof. Jessica Hemmings

Vice-Prefekt / Head of Research, Education Dr. Daniel Jewesbury

Studierektor / Director of Research Education, Prof. Mick Wilson, EARN contact person at HDK-Valand. 

See also PARSE – the Platform for Artistic Research Sweden a collaboration of HDK-Valand to support interdisciplinary dialogues between artistic research and other knowledge domains.



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