The four-year doctoral (PhD) programme in fine arts for practising artists and curators is the first of it’s kind. Sweden’s first doctors in fine art graduated from the Malmö Art Academy, Lund University, in 2006.

Professor Gertrud Sandqvist is responsible for the programme and Professor Sarat Maharaj is head supervisor of the doctoral candidates, who gather for seminars in Malmö at least twice every semester.

The study programme is experimental and highly individualised, focusing on identifying, understanding and developing artistic thinking as a specialised field of knowledge production. The studies are based on the artistic knowledge and the artistic work, and the focus is on the individual artistic work and research.

The artistic work is both object and method. The studies of reflecting or theoretical contents are not a self-fulfilling goal but serve the purpose of being a means for developing artistic competence.

The studies are totally 240 ECTS credits subdivided into various seminars or courses (60 credits) and a documented artistic research project (180 credits).

Doctoral exhibition Sounding Expanded Affinities
(c) Andrea Ray. Photos: Jessica Arwidsson
Contact Person:
Gertrud Sandqvist,



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