Sint-Lukas, Transmedia Exhibition, Brussels

April 25th, 20104:47 pm @


DISPLAY, a Transmedia anthology

Fundamental to any explanation of digital art is an understanding of the context in which we view it – the ‘art experience’ itself. As Bruno Latour once said ‘What counts is that all spokespeople are in the same room, engaged in the same collective experiment, talking at once about imbroglios of people and things.’

An artwork is often the result of a network of people and their interventions in relation to each other and the discussion of the topics to be addressed. This exhibition is by no means different in its composition. All of the participants testify of such interdisciplinary formats. A group of micro-developments delineates a sense of the directions currently taken in the fields of artistic practice. More than encapsulate these processes, it is the intention of these contributions to consider the art/technology experimentations as multiform aspects of the Arts, which can assume variegated, divergent and even opposite forms.

* Joris Perdieus
* Sofia Bustorff
* Marie-Laure Delaby
* Maarten Van Luchene
* Laura Colmenares Guerra
* Barbara Lettany

Opening: Wednesday 21st April, 18:00h to 21:00h
Exhibition: Thursday 20th April till Friday 30th April
Hours: 10:00h to 17:00h (Saturday 12:00h to 18:00h – Sunday closed)
Location: Sint-Lukasgalerie Brussel vzw, Haachtsesteenweg 138, B-1030 Brussels
Tel: 02 250 11 66
Fax: 02 250 11 11