SHARE Step-change in Higher Arts Research & Education

November 30th, 20101:36 am @


Several EARN partners – Helsinki, Vienna, Utrecht, Gothenburg, Dublin, Brussels, and Venice – have initiated a new collaboration with ELIA, EUFRAD and other higher arts education institutions across Europe to explore the development of the “3rd Cycle” – doctoral level – creative arts research and education. The “Step-change for Higher Arts and Research Education” (SHARE) project brings together established and emergent doctoral programmes across the arts.

SHARE creates a European-wide exchange framework for the widely different experiences, practices and ideas that make up the lively domain of artistic and cultural research. The network works across a wide spectrum of creative cultural practices including visual and performing arts, music, design, architecture and media.

SHARE is co-funded by the EU through the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency through the ERASMUS Lifelong Learning Programme. This key European network brings together arts graduate schools, arts research centres, arts educators, supervisors, researchers and cultural practitioners. It also acts as a network of networks including participation from ERAN and larger networks such as ELIA, as well as important new forums as EUFRAD, to name only some of the many networks active in European arts research.

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